Experience A New You At ‘A New Day Pilates’

Mary Lutes, PMA-CPT, left, and Christine Gurrola-Gal co-operate A New Day Pilates, which opened its doors Feb. 13 at 555 Oppenheimer, Suite 101. Courtesy photo

Mary Lutes, PMA-CPT, standing, assists Christine Gurrola-Gal at their boutique studio, A New Day Pilates. Courtesy photo


There is a new Pilates studio in Los Alamos. A New Day Pilates opened its doors Feb. 13 at 555 Oppenheimer, Suite 101. This boutique studio is co-operated by Mary Lutes, PMA-CPT and Christine Gurrola-Gal.

A New Day Pilates offers a small, safe environment where the main focus is the individual needs of each client. The core of this studio is therapeutic, restorative and rehabilitative Pilates through one-on-one private instruction. This allows the instructor to focus on the client’s individual needs, issues, disabilities and injuries. Sessions are tailored to the client with safety being of utmost concern.

A New Day Pilates offers small group classes. Classes include reformer, mat and circuit training. The very popular MOTR (More on The Roller) classes begin in March. MOTR is a roller with resistance straps, and offers a challenging core workout that will strengthen your entire body  Bodhi training, a four point suspension system similar to TRX, but more difficult, and Core Align also are being added to this dynamic studio. The Core Align offers aerobic training, while also focusing on core strength and balance improvement.

Pilates is a form of exercise appropriate for anyone. If you think you are too old, too out of shape, too anything, don’t be afraid to try Pilates. This method will improve core strength, posture, flexibility, balance and full body strength. Also, Pilates decreases back pain, full body chronic pain and relieves stress. Be assured that at A New Day Pilates you will find a new you!, Lutes said.

Mary Lutes, PMA-CPT, brings with her 15 years of Pilates experience. She said she experiences the most satisfaction in teaching private sessions and working with those who are facing physical challenges. Lutes has experience working with issues causing chronic pain, arthritis, scoliosis, cerebral palsy, back, hip, and knee injuries, shoulder injuries, multiple sclerosis and myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS) and fibromyalgia syndromes.

“I find joy and great satisfaction in helping individuals who are facing physical challenges,” Lutes said. “I have had huge success in helping not only myself through debilitating pain, but others using the Pilates Method. I have witnessed miracles in people’s bodies through Pilates.”

Lutes has herself experienced many physical challenges including chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and ME/CFS. Through proper nutrition and by practicing Pilates she is able to control the symptoms of these issues and live a healthy, balanced life, which includes all the activities she loves such as swimming, skiing, hiking and riding her bicycle.

Lutes will be limiting the number of sessions she teaches in order to maintain balance in her life.

“I’ve owned and operated a large studio (Blue Sky Pilates). This was very stressful and detrimental to my health and well-being, hence the reason I decided to sell it,” she said. “I thought I was done teaching, but have realized and have been told by many that I still have so much to offer those who are suffering. At A New Day Pilates I will be able to teach a therapeutic form of Pilates while still allowing balance in my life by limiting the number of hours I teach. Also, co-operating the studio with Ms. Gurrola-Gal will allow both of us to share the responsibilities of ownership and client instruction.”

Gurrola-Gal began her Pilates journey 14 years ago. She began taking classes to increase her physical strength in order to be able to offer care to family members who were suffering from debilitating diseases. Her reasons for practicing this amazing type of exercise became so much more. She found it to be spiritually and emotionally healing. She also began to notice how much stronger she became.

When the opportunity to become an instructor presented itself through the Pilates Method Alliance’s Fostering Future Professionals program that Lutes was offering, Gurrola-Gal decided to become an instructor. She has now completed her Mat I, II and Reformer I training. She intends to complete the entire program, at which time she will complete the PMA-CPT certification exam.

“I’ve always loved helping people,” Gurrola-Gal said. I have seen what Pilates can do not only for myself, but also for people with serious physical issues. I have heard comments like ‘I feel so much better!’, ‘I really needed that!’ and ‘I forgot how awful my day has been going!’”

Pilates classes also are a safe place where all the clients can forget about their day, their issues and have fun, she said, adding that camaraderie also is a plus when attending Pilates classes.

A New Day Pilates is offering a teacher training program. This program is part of the Fostering Future Professionals program that the Pilates Method Alliance offers. Lutes designed this program in accordance with the PMA’s requirements, which includes 500 hours of training. At the completion of this program, individuals are eligible to take the PMA-CPT certification exam, the highest certification that Pilates offers. While in this program, apprentices will be allowed to practice at A New Day Pilates, and will be mentored by Lutes while  completing their student teaching hours. 

Information regarding this program can be obtained by calling Lutes at 505.412.5762. Instruction for this program begins in April.

“Change happens through movement and movement heals” … this is one of many famous quotes made by Joseph Pilates, the founding father of the revolutionary exercise method, which bears his name. Discover how this type of movement can heal your body. Call Mary Lutes at 505.412.5762 or Christine Gurrola-Gal at 505.930.3555 for class schedule and to reserve your private session.