‘Expedition Caving Basics’ Talk/Video April 30


PEEC News:

The public is invited to attend “Expedition Caving Basics” at 7-8 p.m. Tuesday, April 30 at Mesa Public Library.

Caver Beth Cortright of the Pajarito Environmental Education center will provide details, pictures, and video of a typical caving expedition where a small team of highly-trained cavers spend about one week underground.

During this time, the group lives and works together inside the cave. Based out of a camp, teams travel to predetermined areas in the cave every day to map it within a few degrees of error.

The end goal can be related to geology, biology, hydrology, pure exploration, and many other information-seeking sciences. Cortright will address topics pertaining to an extended stay underground, where everything from cooking meals to using the restroom is complicated by the fragile cave environment.

Cortright also will display examples of the caving gear necessary for an expeditionduring the free event.


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