Era Of Megafires: Evening Of Film, Fire, Discussion

SFFC News:
The Santa Fe Fireshed Coalition, the Forest Stewards Guild, North 40 Productions, New Mexico Counties, and the City of Santa Fe are pleased to bring the Era of Megafires to Santa Fe.
The rise of highly destructive megafires — wildfires over 100,000 acres — has become one of today’s most pressing and complex problems, threatening our communities, homes, businesses and even our very way of life. Facing the reality of this issue is daunting, but like all wicked problems, through education and action we can change the way fire comes to our forests and communities.
The Era of Megafires is a 60-minute multi-media presentation that combines the research of Dr. Paul Hessburg (Pacific Northwest Research Station, U.S. Forest Service) with the visual storytelling of award-winning film company, North 40 Productions. It’s presented in the form of fast-moving, short, topic-based talks interspersed with compelling video vignettes and animations.
The movie will be followed by a panel discussion with local experts to talk about the risk of wildfire here in Santa Fe, the impacts fire could have and what the Santa Fe Fireshed Coalition partners are doing to prepare. Since June, 2016, the presentation has reached 86 cities and towns and more than 25,000 citizens.
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