Equality New Mexico Endorses House Dist. 43 Candidate Christine Chandler … Names Her A Champion For Every New Mexican

Equality New Mexico News: 

Equality New Mexico, the largest and oldest LGBTQ+ political advocacy organization in the state, has endorsed 24 equality champions for the New Mexico House of Representatives – including Democrat Christine Chandler for House Seat 43.

“When Lisa Shin writes things like ‘I am the self-righteous one who views homosexuals with disgust,’ and tells fellow evangelicals to support Trump because he would support ‘biblical marriage’ and strike down marriage equality, it’s clear where her priorities lie,” EQNM Executive Director Adrian Carver said. “But, that’s not the only reason Equality New Mexico has endorsed Christine Chandler for the New Mexico House of Representatives; Christine has proven she stands with LGBTQ+ Norteños and we’re looking forward to working with her to defend equality for New Mexicans.”

“Our diverse set of endorsed candidates will fight so that every New Mexican, including LGBTQ+ community members, are well represented in Santa Fe,” Carver said. “Thanks to our partners at the legislature, for the last 25 years we have been successful in winning equality for New Mexicans. As we prepare for a critical legislative session, we are confident Christine will remain a steadfast partner in our fight to achieve liberation and self-determination for all New Mexicans.”

Chandler, who serves as vise chair of the Los Alamos County Council, has lived in Los Alamos for more than 30 years, and has a long history of public service. At age 19 she was elected to her local school board. She worked for 27 years as an attorney and group leader for Los Alamos National Laboratory and retired to private practice. She has served on various foundation boards, and public committees as well as Los Alamos County Probate Judge and two terms on Los Alamos County Council. She also has served in the New Mexico State Legislature as a Senate Judiciary Analyst for the last four years.

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