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Vd vU Environment – Page 3


New Mexico House Democrats And Community Leaders Give Voice To Land Grants And Acequias

The Roundhouse in Santa Fe. Post file photo

From the Office of House Speaker Brian Egolf:

SANTA FE – After meeting with land grant and acequia community leaders today, House Speaker Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe) announced important changes to House standing committees to elevate the voices and concerns of these communities.

The new Rural Development, Land Grants, and Cultural Affairs Committee will be established in the coming session, and will be chaired by Rep. Susan Herrera (D-Embudo).

Two other standing committees also will be newly titled: the Agriculture, Acequias, and Water Resources Read More

US Department Of The Interior Extends Abandoned Mine Land Program Through 2034

Deputy Assistant Secretary Laura Daniel-Davis

DOI News:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Department of the Interior (DOI) has announced that the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE) is extending the Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund program through 2034 and making other changes to the program, as directed by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

This extension, through an interim final rule, will provide for continued funding to states and Tribes for reclaiming hazardous abandoned mines, replacing polluted water supplies, and reducing legacy pollution in coalfield communities. Read More

EMNRD Presents Budget To Senate Finance Committee

EMNRD Secretary Sarah Cottrell Propst


SANTA FE —  Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD) Cabinet Secretary Sarah Cottrell Propst presented the department’s FY23 budget Wednesday to the Senate Finance Committee.

This year’s Executive Budget recommendation increases EMNRD’s budget by 16.4 percent for FY23, better positioning the agency to fulfill our mission and retain and recruit expert staff.

Since the beginning of the Lujan Grisham administration in 2019, EMNRD has implemented a natural gas waste rule requiring 98 percent gas capture in the oil and gas Read More

Verus® Research: First Missile Defense Agency R&D Contract Of Missile Defense Applications


ALBUQUERQUE — Verus® Research, a New Mexico-based team of scientists and engineers specializing in advanced research and development, announces it has been awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract from the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) for “Optimized Waveforms for X-Band Missile-Defense Radars”.

Through the effort, Verus Research will research and develop X-band waveforms that are both producible and optimal for missile-defense applications by leveraging current state-of-the-art technologies in commercially available radar electronics. Read More

Prescribed Burn Spotted From Anniversary Trail

Smoke is spotted on the horizan created from the in Pacheco Canyon prescribed burn as seen Tuesday from N.M. 502 at Anniversary Trail in Los Alamos. Photo by Jenn Bartram/ladailypost.com Read More

Animal Of The Day: Goats!

Two small goats spending time together. Courtesy/animalresourcefoundation.com

Animal Resource Foundation News:

For the most part, we have all seen a goat, whether it’s in real life, a book or on the television. Here are some fun and cute facts about goats.

Goats Have Been Around A Long Time

Over 9,000 years ago, goats were one of the first animals to be domesticated by humans. They were first domesticated in Asia, where they were used for milk and cheese. 

Goats Like To Eat: 

  • Goats have a very unique appetite. They like to walk around and explore, which leads them to adventure out in the pasture and
Read More

County Update: Power Now Restored To All Customers In Oppenheimer, Trinity Through Western Area Neighborhoods


Los Alamos County Department of Public Utilities reports that the power outage that occured overnite affecting customers in the Oppenheimer, Trinity through Western Area neighborhoods is now restored.

Power was restored to the majority of customers around 11 p.m. Tusesday. 

Customers in Trinity Village and Caballo Peak Apartments were without power until around 8:30 this morning.

The outage was due to the an underground cable fault in the same area as the outage that occured Dec. 22, 2021. Read More

SFNF Issues Orders For Seasonal Road Closures On Española, Cuba And Jemez Districts

SFNF News:

SANTA FE — The Santa Fe National Forest (SFNF) Monday issued separate closure orders for seasonal road closures on the Española, Cuba and Jemez Ranger Districts.

The orders are issued to protect public safety during the winter months and to prevent damage to natural resources and infrastructure.

Order 10-499 for the Española Ranger District prohibits traffic on the following restricted roads:

  • Forest Road (FR) 31 starting at the gate south of La Careda and continuing south for approximately 10.6 miles;
  • FR 27 from its intersection with FR 31 south to the cattle guard at the boundary
Read More

SFNF Waives Fees In Honor Of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Courtesy photo

SFNF News:

SANTA FE — All Santa Fe National Forest (SFNF) offices will be closed Monday, Jan. 17, for the federal holiday in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Virtual business hours will resume Tuesday, Jan. 18.

Observed on the third Monday of January each year, Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) Day is the only federal holiday designated as a national day of service. The national day of service celebrates the civil rights leader’s life and legacy by encouraging all Americans to volunteer to improve their communities.

Visit MLK Day of Service for more information, including Read More

Weekly Fishing Report: Jan. 11, 2022

Sports And Outdoors
Los Alamos Daily Post

This is a good time of the year to give the fishing equipment a rest. Now is when you can make an inventory of your fishing equipment and figure out what you are going to need for the upcoming year.

Clean your rods and reels, including putting new line on your fishing reels. Go online and order some of your favorite lures and accessories so you are well-equipped to begin the season.

Over the years, I have discovered that it’s best not to depend on local tackle shops having your favorite lure in stock. Even big-box stores like Walmart are often out Read More

New Mexico Supreme Court Affirms Financing Order For Utility’s Abandonment Of Coal-Fired Power Plant

Post file photo

NMSC News:

SANTA FE — The state Supreme Court Monday rejected constitutional challenges to the Energy Transition Act (ETA), which requires electric utilities to move to carbon-free power generation.

In a unanimous opinion, the court affirmed a Public Regulation Commission financing order for the Public Service Company of New Mexico’s (PNM) abandonment of the San Juan Generating Station.

The ETA, which was enacted in 2019, provides a financing framework for utilities to stop using coal-fired power plants. 

Citizens for Fair Rates and the Environment (CFRE) and New Read More

Groups Celebrate New Mexico Supreme Court Ruling Energy Transition Act Constitutional


SANTA FE — The New Mexico Supreme Court Monday rejected New Energy Economy’s challenges to the constitutionality of the Energy Transition Act (ETA) and upheld the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (PRC) decision relating to the coal-fired San Juan Generating Station.

These rulings end months of delays in sending transition funds to communities and issuing bonds that will reduce customer costs.

The court rejected all of the remaining challenges to the constitutionality of the ETA and concluded that the state legislature properly exercised its authority to set energy Read More

EMNRD: New Reforestation Center Will Help Forests And Communities Recover From Wildfires


SANTA FE — The Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD) has announced the establishment of a first-of-its-kind reforestation center in New Mexico.

A Memorandum of Agreement between EMNRD and three state universities – New Mexico Highlands University, New Mexico State University and University of New Mexico was signed Friday, Jan. 7, 2022 following several years of effort to address the reforestation needs of areas burned by severe wildfires.

Filling the backlog of burned areas requires more than 300 million seedlings – but the tree nursery capacity can only Read More

Daily Postcard: San Ildefonso Pottery Replica On NM 4

A San Ildefonso ancestral cooking pot replica south of the White Rock Visitor Center viewed Monday afternoon from the walking path along N.M. 4. Pots such as this were widely used in the southwest for cooking and storage, the vessels were sturdy enough to withstand the heat from direct contact with a wood fire and had no painted designs that would be obscured by smoke smudges. Photo by Jenn Bartram/ladailypost.com

Sign near the San Ildefonso pottery replica Monday on N.M. 4. Photo by Jenn Bartram/ladailypost.com Read More

More Than 8,000 Pounds Of Litter Removed From New Mexico Waterways During 2021 World Cleanup Day

The Gallinas River free of litter in Las Vegas, NM. Courtesy/NMTD
NMTD News:
  • New Mexico Tourism Department worked with communities to plan and promote cleanup events throughout the state
SANTA FE — Through a Keep New Mexico True campaign dedicated to protecting New Mexico’s waterways aligned with World Cleanup Day this past Fall, New Mexico communities collectively removed more than 8,000 pounds of trash from New Mexico’s waterways.
Through the New Mexico Tourism Department’s (NMTD) Clean & Beautiful Grant Program, the agency worked with local communities to organize and promote
Read More

Scientists Build Atlas Of Ocean’s Oxygen-Starved Waters


MIT News:

Life is teeming nearly everywhere in the oceans, except in certain pockets where oxygen naturally plummets and waters become unlivable for most aerobic organisms.

These desolate pools are “oxygen-deficient zones,” or ODZs. And though they make up less than 1 percent of the ocean’s total volume, they are a significant source of nitrous oxide, a potent greenhouse gas. Their boundaries can also limit the extent of fisheries and marine ecosystems.

Now MIT scientists have generated the most detailed, three-dimensional “atlas” of the largest ODZs in the world. The new Read More