Entrepreneurial Gene Presentation At Project Y Tuesday

Entrepreneurs meet at project Y to share ideas. Courtesy photo


Do you have the entrepreneurial gene? This is the topic of a presentation and discussion at project Y 5:30-7 p.m. Tuesday in Central Park Square.

Andy Andrews and Bob Nolen from LABi and Los Alamos World Futures Institute (LAWFI) will host a presentation and discussion about assessing your interests and discovering if you have the qualities to be a successful entrepreneur.

“You have a great idea for something that you know everyone needs,” Andrews said. “You have a great insight about the future and how to make it better. You have an idea, discovery, or thing, maybe great, but absolutely needed.  But how do you personally identify yourself and are you ready to take the next step with your idea?
You have a choice.  What do you develop, market and sell?  Your idea may have limitless bounds and the potential for great wealth or it might be much less successful.

“Moreover, a person with your talent and ideas is also a marketable quantity to established companies and businesses searching for talent. The very personal question becomes do you market yourself alone (job search) or do you market a package of you with your idea, discovery or thing?  Do you pursue employment, an entrepreneurial activity, or simply relax and enjoy the benefits you have already earned?”

The session at project Y can help participants personally identify themselves as an entrepreneur, or not, and evaluate the expected value of their decision.

“Arguably, only two to three percent of people really have the entrepreneurial spirit, the energy to pursue success in the face of adversity in the business arena,” Andrews said. “While entrepreneurs are really risk avoiders, their efforts are filled with personal risk. And while it is not clear that entrepreneurism is a genetic property, the analogy does describe the essence of a trait needed for success.”
The program is free.

For more information or to make a reservation to attend, go here: https://www.projectylosalamos.com/en/events/view/246355110/the-entrepreneurial-gene-presentation–discussion.


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