Education for Ministry Course Starts Soon

TOTH News:

A course of study for the ministry is beginning at Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church called Education for Ministry (EFM.)

This is a discussion and study group, which meets for a three-hour class once a week for 36 weeks each year. 

EFM offers a four year curriculum on a flexible schedule (usually no meetings around seasonal holidays and during the summer.) In the first year, the focus is on the Old Testament and its historical context. The second year reviews the New Testament. Third year students study the history of Christianity, while the fourth year focuses on various issues of ethics in Christian thought. 

The tuition is $460 per year. If you attend a local church, be sure to inquire whether they may offer a scholarship to offset part of the cost—some churches may have tuition help available. 

The due date for registration and payment is Oct. 31. Education for Ministry was developed by, and is run by, the University of the South (Sewanee) Special Programs Office. 

Because this is not a graded curriculum, this course does not produce university credit.

Contact Kay Dreamtrader, at for more information.

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