Driver’s License Compromise Passes House Judiciary Committee


SANTA FE – Compromise legislation that will end the dangerous practice of giving New Mexico driver’s licenses illegal immigrants passed the House Judiciary Committee by a vote of 7-6 Monday. The compromise bill, HB 99, is sponsored by Representatives Paul Pacheco and Andy Nunez.

“Today we saw another victory for this legislation,” Pacheco said. “New Mexicans have spoken and they want to stop giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. Sen. Michael Sanchez and Senate Democrats need to start listening to New Mexicans and agree on our compromise.”

Since this practice became law, House Republicans have fought to get it off the books, but Democrats blocked the legislation. This bill is an effort compromise with Senate Democrats by granting illegal immigrants driving privilege cards instead of New Mexico driver’s licenses.

“I’m looking forward to presenting this bill on the House Floor,” Nunez said. “It’s about time New Mexicans get this win.”

California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado use similar approaches to the system proposed in the bill. Gov. Susana Martinez has said she supports this compromise. It heads to a vote on the House Floor next.