Dr. Brenda Pereda Opens Los Alamos Women’s Health

Dr. Brenda Pereda

Los Alamos Daily Post

Dr. Brenda Pereda opened her new practice, Los Alamos Women’s Health, last week offering a full scope of OB/GYN services at Los Alamos Medical Center (LAMC).

She specializes in reproductive health and wellness using culturally-appropriate and trauma-informed care for women of all ages.

“I love it here and look forward to learning more about the community,” Dr. Pereda said.

LAMC CEO John Whiteside spoke about how fortunate LAMC is to have Dr. Pereda opening her practice inside the medical center.

“We are excited about Dr. Pereda coming on board,” Whiteside said. “Her passion for Women’s Health and ideas on how to provide quality care to our community is exactly what we need.”

Dr. Pereda brings years of experience on the front lines of the profession. She graduated from Michigan State University School of Medicine, completed her residency at Wayne State University School of Medicine, and completed her fellowship at the University of New Mexico.

During an interview on Tuesday, the Los Alamos Daily Post asked Dr. Pereda the following questions:

Post: What drew you to the field of obstetrics and gynecology?

Dr. Pereda: When we care for the female body, we care for the world. When we invest in women’s health, we also improve community health, including child health. It impacts multiple generations. The field of OBGYN has a lot of work to do to improve the rate of maternal mortality in this country. It takes all of us to improve these outcomes.

Post: Can you share the latest innovations in the field of women’s health?

Dr. Pereda: Without a doubt it’s reproductive health and family planning. When women have access to these services they have more agency and can take better care of themselves and those that depend on them.

Post: What made you decide to leave Albuquerque and open your practice in Los Alamos?

Dr. Pereda: I trained at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and was on the faculty for nearly a decade. The mission of the Institution is to develop doctors to train in areas with a shortage of physicians. I received excellent training, paid it forward in service, did great work at UNM, and now I am in the next phase of my career.

Post: What is it about LAMC that made you want to work there?

Dr. Pereda: I did Locum work at LAMC, and I liked the hospital and the physicians … it’s a close knit community.

Post: How do you like LAMC so far?

Dr. Pereda: I love it … it’s a great start when the leadership trusts in your vision to create a practice of excellence in women’s healthcare.

Post: What else would you like the Los Alamos Community to know about you?

Dr. Pereda: I am an energetic Latina, love the field of OBGYN and look forward to engaging with the community as we grow the practice. Thank you for welcoming my family and me into your Los Alamos family.

Los Alamos Women’s Health is welcoming new patients at 3917 West Road. Appointments may be made by calling 505.661.9201. Se habla Español.


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