DOE Releases ‘2015 Year In Review’ Of EM Los Alamos Field Office

Workers use a Spider Excavator to remove contaminated soil. Courtesy/EM

DOE EM News:

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management (EM) has published its 2015 Year in Review, highlighting last year’s key achievements at the Los Alamos Field Office (EM-LA) and throughout the EM program.

“I was honored this year to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate to serve as Assistant Secretary of Energy for Environmental Management, and honored to be leading the EM program at this exciting time,” said Assistant Secretary of Energy for Environmental Management Monica Regalbuto upon the release of the review. “I look forward to working with our cleanup partners to maximize our ability to meet shared cleanup goals, advocate for EM and safely advance our mission in the new year.”

The Year in Review details significant milestones reached at EM-LA in 2015, its first. The field office was founded in March to help strengthen the legacy cleanup underway at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Major initiatives included awarding a short-term “bridge” contract to Los Alamos National Security, LLC, completing a final Environmental Assessment to address chromium contamination, developing safe methods to remediate the remaining nitrate salt waste and finishing the removal of mercury-contaminated soil from DOE property in Los Alamos.

“We are proud of the progress EM-LA has made since it was established in March of last year. We will continue to focus on safety, transparency and efficiency as we execute our work scope in 2016 and beyond.” said Doug Hintze, manager of EM-LA.

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