DOE/NNSA Informs Los Alamos County Of Contaminated Material Uncovered While Digging On DP Road


Los Alamos County officials have been notified by DOE/NNSA that additional radiological, Manhattan Project era materials were uncovered Wednesday on the edge of DP Road while digging for the lift station sewer infrastructure being installed to serve Canyon Walk Apartments. 

The site has been secured with no access while an investigation is underway. The County is cooperating with DOE/NNSA officials and has been informed there is no threat to public health. 

After an initial, similar incident in February, the County worked with DOE/NNSA to resume trenching for the lift station last week using construction resources provided by DOE/NNSA.

Taking this precautionary step with technical expertise available on-site allowed DOE/NNSA to stop work and respond rapidly to this incident when it occurred. 

County officials will continue to be updated about this evolving situation and will provide more information as it becomes available.

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