Do Not Be Afraid … Learn More Sunday

TOTH News:

By Lisa Rothrock

In our culture, we are surrounded by constant reminders to be afraid. The news mostly covers stories about disastrous occurrences happening throughout our country, and advertisements are constantly telling us that we need to buy their products to prevent disasters and afflictions from happening to us.

On top of this, we have all personally endured pain and suffering of some kind. Then we hear from God that He does not want us to fear, even when we hear or see bad things happening around us.

How do we do that when everything around us tells us to be afraid? This Sunday, Jan. 13, at Trinity on the Hill’s Generations Service, we will cover what fear is and how it impacts our bodies, our emotions, and our relationship with God.

We will also cover how Jesus made it possible for us to overcome fear. Come join us at 5:15 p.m. to enjoy a free delicious meal. At 6:07 p.m., enjoy awesome contemporary music played by the Generations band, hear a teaching by Mother Alicia Pope, and be fed in Christ by the Holy Eucharist.

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