DNCU Shreds & Recycles 34,780 Pounds Of Paper

DNCU News:

Del Norte Credit Union (DNCU), northern New Mexico’s hometown financial cooperative, is proud to announce its 2016 Shred Days have collected 34,780 pounds of paper for recycling. Shred events were held at each of the co-op’s six branches to allow members and the public to dispose of sensitive papers safely.

“We are proud to see the results of our commitment to the environment,” DNCU CEO/President Chuck Valenti said. “One ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees and 60 pounds of air pollutants, so we are happy to have saved almost 300 trees and reduced air pollutants by over 1,000 pounds. In addition, it is important to us as a financial institution to help prevent fraud and identity theft, and Shred Days give members the ability to dispose of confidential papers safely.”

On Shred Days, a mobile shredding truck collects and shreds high volume paper – whole file boxes at a time. Participants can watch their papers being shredded.

In the co-operative tradition, three of DNCU’s Shred Days included Zia Credit Union members, and the final Shred Day in White Rock was open to the entire community in honor of the credit union’s new building. More than 7,500 pounds of paper were shredded in White Rock, while 11,900 pounds were shredded among the credit union’s three Santa Fe branches.

Other DNCU community events this fall include:

  • Mobile Mammograms Sept. 20;
  • A blood drive Oct. 14; and
  • Car Buying 101 on several dates in October.

For more information, see www.dncu.org. Shred Days will return in the summer 2017.

About Del Norte Credit Union

Chartered in 1954, Del Norte Credit Union is dedicated to improving lives by being the ideal partner for a better future. Today DNCU has six branches in northern New Mexico and serves more than 45,000 members throughout the state.