Derailers Play Friday at Entrada Business Park

Editor’s Note: Updated with article by Russ Gordon, producer of Friday’s Los Alamos County Summer Concert.

Los Alamos fans gather near the stage when the Derailers performed Aug. 21, 2009 at the Mari-Mac Shopping Center. The band is set to play at 7 p.m. Friday, July 20 at the Entrada Business Park. The Los Alamos Cooperative Market and the Holiday Inn Express are sponsoring the event, which is free and open to the public. Photo by Skip Wecksung


By Russ Gordon

We have the Texas country dance band, the Derailers playing this Friday, July 20 at Entrada Business Park for “Holiday Inn Express * LA Food Co-op Night.” We’ll also be welcoming KTAOS FM 101.9 and Deborah Gordon to celebrate her 38th Wedding Anniversary. I’m gonna help her celebrate since I was there in Petaluma, Cal. 38 years ago. I remember that day very well and I also remember Aug. 21, 2009.

On Aug. 21, ’09 the Derailers last played Los Alamos. They put on a great concert but at 9:15PM the band said this would be their last song. Their contract said they’d play till 10PM and I sighed and grumbled to myself, “C’mon guys, don’t you love music and performing? You’ve been doing this great show, ‘keep on rocking in the free world’.” The Derailers started the “last song” at 9:15 and played a medley till 10:10. They played one rocking country song. The audience went crazy. The Police loved it. I danced and danced and rested and danced and rested and rocked. This is what tremendous, music loving, professional showmen know how to do. Leave ‘em screaming for more. I’m not promising a 55 minute medley but I do promise a tremendous show. Just like a great baseball game, don’t leave till the game’s over. Last week it was the Shinyribs with a tremendous finale. The Ski Hill show with Chuck Prophet left everyone yelling AFTER their 3 song encore. The Red Elvises know how to entertain and so do the Derailers. The show ain’t over till this fat man sings. I realize that people often must leave early but you’ve been advised, the Derailers put on a heckuva show and you should catch it.

Our band plays pure honkey tonk. They’re Austin, Texas based but they’re from Portland, Ore. and Houston, Texas. The sound is Bakersfield made famous by acts like Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Dwight Yoakam, the Maddox Brothers with sister Rose, the Flying Burrito Brothers and Creedence Clearwater. It’s very twangy but with a rock swagger and acts often dress in very cool western suits. The Derailers have a passion for the music of Owens, George Jones, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, the Monkees and, of course, the Beatles and Buddy Holly & the Crickets. Those bands all dress really well.

The Derailers play well-crafted originals and fun cover songs. If you like country dancing, 2 steppin’ and hold your baby close ballads come to the Entrada Business Park. That’s why I scheduled our anniversary on this night or vice-versa. I see they’re building something new there. Want to know what their building? Come to the dance.

Friday, July 27 will be LANB Night with Bobby Keys (of the Stones) and the Attitudes. You’ll hear the greatest rock ‘n’ roll saxophone of all-time. You’ll probably know every song that night and you’ll recognize the sax leads.  For more info, please go to,, and



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