Democrats Clean Up N.M. 502

From left, Michael Redondo, Mike Wheeler, David Griggs, Karyl Ann Armbruster, Paul Frederickson and George Chandler were among the crew from the Democratic Party of Los Alamos who cleaned up N.M. 502 Saturday. Photo by John Hofmann

DPLA News:

The Democratic Party of Los Alamos County cleaned up N.M. 502 from mile marker two to mile marker three near the Los Alamos Airport Saturday.

Thirteen volunteers picked up 15 bags of trash including:

  • soda and beer cans,
  • fast food containers and wrappers,
  • part of a car bumper,
  • a large plastic car part,
  • heavy electrical electrical cable,
  • broken pieces of lumber,
  • a diaper, water bottles,
  • a rusty lock,
  • a huge metal washer,
  • cigarette butts, 
  • pieces of metal, glass, paper and styrofoam,
  • newspapers,
  • the landscape design papers for Mesa Public Library, and
  • a one dollar bill!
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