Democrat Lawrence Rael Joins Race for Governor

Lawrence Rael

Staff Report

Joined by his wife, Kim, and their three children, Lawrence Rael announced Wednesday his candidacy for governor of New Mexico in 2014 in Santa Fe.

Rael serves as the president of the New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce. He has been chief administrative officer of Albuquerque, deputy secretary of Transportation for the State of New Mexico and director of the Mid-Region Council of Governments, serving Bernalillo, Valencia, Torrance and Sandoval counties.

He issued the following statement to the press:

My life has been shaped by the goodness and decency of New Mexicans from Sile to Albuquerque and many communities in between. I am honored to take this step today to continue to give back to the people of New Mexico.

Like too many New Mexican families, I know first-hand the difficult struggles of poverty. I grew up in a single-parent home. My brothers and I worked in the fields, and my sisters helped my mother clean houses and do other people’s laundry just to make ends meet. But like too few – because of the kindness of neighbors, the support of a community, divine providence, and old-fashioned hard work – I have been afforded countless opportunities to give back, serving New Mexicans for more than 35 years and building a beautiful family of my own right here in New Mexico. 

A story like mine should be the rule and not the exception in a state and a country like ours. I’m running for governor because, with the right leadership, we can make it so – by growing quality jobs, investing in quality education, and ensuring access to quality health care for citizens in every corner of our state.

Politicians are often long on promises, especially during a campaign, so let me close with this: I know that none of this will be easy. But I’ve been a fighter all my life and one thing I’ve learned is that if you go into a fight thinking you are going to lose, you might as well not show up at all.

Over the next four years we are all going to have to come together and fight like our future is on the line – because it is. I believe in New Mexico, and I believe our best days are ahead of us. With your help. we are going to win the primary next June, beat Susana Martinez next November, and earn the opportunity to lead this state to a better future.

I promise I will not stop fighting for that.”