D’Anna: Trump And Trump Republicans Must Be Replaced

White Rock

For nearly four years psychiatrists and psychologists have publicly warned the American people that President Trump is impaired by one or a combination of severe personality disorders, variously described as narcissism, malignant narcissism, or antisocial personality disorder.  

Consistent with those warnings, Trump is self-centered, grandiose, unethical, manipulative, vindictive, paranoid, unempathetic, and – due to his personality impairments – he projects those qualities upon others.

Trump endlessly praises himself, shamelessly exaggerates his accomplishments, and rejects the counsel of more informed, experienced advisors. He travels with unparalleled frequency to his own lavish resorts, and profits handsomely from governmental payments to house his staff and members of the Secret Service.

Trump continually lies about facts, his actions, and the actions of others. He has used the power of the Presidency to coerce foreign governments to disparage the character of political opponents. He berates US Allies, kowtows to foreign tyrants and has carelessly revealed US intelligence or broken security protocols to benefit himself or members of his family.

Trump continually propagates unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and accusations about political opponents, branches of the US government, the US military, the US voting system, and the media. Even worse, he disparages members of the military and government employees who unselfishly serve the American people in the absence of personal gain.

He has sadistically separated the parents and children of Central American migrants. In the same vein he has encouraged Americans – especially his own supporters – to disregard the advice of experienced health officials pertaining to the COVID-19 epidemic. Consequently, his supporters and many trusting Americans have contracted the disease themselves and spread it to others, exacerbating the pandemic, human suffering and causing an estimated 100,000 avoidable excess American deaths.

Trump openly rejects concerns about real and perceived systemic racism in America. He and his administration have demonstrated an utter disregard for all Americans and humanity by reducing environmental and health care protections, totally rejecting the science of climate change and ignoring the forest fires, stronger hurricanes and extreme weather caused by climate change.

Trump has increasingly rejected outside voices by surrounding himself with individuals with a similar lack of scruples, including Oliver Stone, Paul Manafort, Kelly Ann Conway, Kayleigh McEnany, Peter Navarro, and Stephen Miller. Many administration officials, like the current head of the US Post Office, the US Attorney General, the Secretary of Education, and the Head of the EPA have diligently impeded or bastardized the objectives of their agencies.

Individuals who have worked in the government or have had intimate contact with Trump – including  Rex Tillerson, General Mattis, Mary Trump, Michael Cohen, John Bolton and Bob Woodward – have consistently substantiated Trump’s personality disorder, his lack of ethics or the danger he poses to the United States of America.

In addition to Trump’s personal failings, misdeeds, and bad appointments, he and his administration – with the complicity of most Congressional Republicans – are effectively, destroying the very fabric of US governance.

Democratic-based governments depend on accurate information, governmental oversight, and an educated populace to elect competent officials. Trump and his appointees, in violation of the US code of ethics for government workers and the democratic traditions of the US, are impeding, censoring, and rewriting the analyses of governmental scientists and employees, especially in regard to climate change, environmental issues and public health.

Trump has continually blocked congressional testimony to verify governmental compliance or to investigate governmental corruption, and cooperative governmental officials have been punitively dismissed. 

The administration and elected Republican officials are trying to maintain the continued teaching of sanitized American history, instead of the full unvarnished truth. Trump has threatened to withhold funding for schools that acknowledge and teach the full history of racism in the United States.

The suppression of truth, the propagation of misinformation, the rejection of oversight, punitive firings and the rewriting of history are frightfully consistent with the actions of Vladimir Putin, the Soviet Union and the savage fascist regimes of 20th century Europe, rather than with the ideals to which the US has traditionally aspired.

Do we choose Trump’s qualities and behaviors in our friends, or do we aspire them for our children? Do we want to replace US representative governance with fascism or a dictatorship? Of course not, so why do we tolerate these behaviors and actions by our President, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell and most Senate Republicans?

Trump may be scientifically ignorant and behaviorally impaired, but he is not stupid, and he is charismatically persuasive. Those traits, his lack of shame, and decades of mostly inept US governance have greatly aided Trump’s ability to sway American public opinion. Unfortunately, Trump’s deceptions are strongly reinforced by the US media – despite commentary – who replay his often absurd, deceptive utterances dozens of time each day.

If we want to preserve this country and the stated ideals on which it was established, then Trump and elected Trump Republicans must be replaced by more trustworthy individuals who will eliminate governmental corruption and restore truth, justice, integrity and American idealism in our government.

Editor’s note: Readers are always encouraged to do their own fact checking of statements made in opinion pieces.