C’YA Seeks To Cement Nambe Pharmacy Team In History

Nambe Pharmacy owners Tom and Frances Lovett at a drive through vaccine event in January with Dr. Catherine Fry, who conspired with C’YA to nominate the Lovett’s to receive a special tribute. Photo by Bernadette Lauritzen

C’YA News:

Champions of Youth Ambitions (C’YA) would like the community to help with a goal to “cement” the Nambe Pharmacy team in history.

The American Pharmacy Foundation and their COVID-19 Heroes Campaign will acknowledge contribution, with an inscribed paver. The beautiful location for the paver faces the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall. Learn about the effort at www.alphafoundation.org.

C’YA hopes to raise $1,000 to purchase the paver through small community contributions. The hope is that those who have received a vaccine from Nambe Pharmacy or at Los Alamos High School events, will donate $1 toward this effort.

If the $1,000 goal is exceeded, C’YA will purchase gift cards to distribute throughout the community to those in need of pharmacy assistance.

Nambe Pharmacy has provided more than 1,300 vaccines and the Nambe team also has assisted the local senior centers in providing 600 vaccines for those over 75. The event was designed to allow seniors to remain in their cars throughout the entire process. The January event was followed one month later for the second dose of the Moderna vaccine. The effort provided comfort and relief to many that had been secluded for many months.

“I really feel that we’ve experienced a moment in history that hopefully will never come again,” C’YA Executive Director Bernadette Lauritzen said. “This small group of wonderful employees at  Nambe Pharmacy stepped up and rescued a community from an invisible beast.”

This week the non-profit C’YA celebrates its 7th anniversary and is hoping the community will help them provide this small gift of the inscribed paver to mark the history of Nambe Pharmacy and the incredible impact its team has had on the community.

Donations can be made to Champions of Youth Ambitions, P.O. Box 4741 White Rock, NM. For more information, call or text 505.695.9139, email cya.org@att.net or visit www.cya-nm.org.