CVNM Statement On NMOGA Methane Rule Proposal

CVNM News:
SANTA FE The New Mexico Oil and Gas Association (NMOGA) released their proposal Monday for implementing a Methane Capture Rule.
The goal of a Methane Capture Rule is to reduce the significant amount of methane that is leaked, vented and flared in New Mexico. In response to NMOGA’s proposal, Conservation Voters New Mexico Political & Legislative Director Ben Shelton released the following statement:
“Despite the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association’s presentation as a collaborative partner in reducing methane pollution, the proposal rule they released today is equal to the weakest methane rule on the books in the country. New Mexico is the third highest oil and gas producing state and because of that, New Mexicans deserve a rule that will meaningfully address the pollution that comes with that distinction.
“New Mexico’s methane rule needs to prioritize protecting the health of New Mexicans and ensure we get a fair return on this publicly-owned resource, rather than the profits of the well-connected few.”