Curiosity Made it to Mars!

Curiosity made it to Mars! There was restrained clapping and a big sigh of relief in the audience of some 400 people gathered at the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Bradbury Science Museum Sunday night when NASA announced Curiosity had landed on Mars. Photo by TK Thompson/
The NASA commentator provided a lively blow-by-blow of the Rover’s journey to Mars on the big screen in the Bradbury Science Museum’s auditorium Sunday night. Photo by TK Thompson/
The first thumbnail photo from Curiosity on Mars shows a wheel on the ground. Photo by TK Thompson/

People were taking photos of each other in front of the museum displays of the Curiosity rover. The Bradbury has quite an extensive display related to the Curiosity mission. Photo by TK Thompson/

Bradbury Science Museum Executive Director Linda Deck serves popcorn and punch during the Sunday night event. Photo by TK Thompson/
A couple views a portion of the Museum’s Curiosity display. Photo by TK Thompson/
An exhibit of the LANL designed ChemCam instrument for remote chemical analysis of rocks on Mars drew a lot of attention during Sunday’s event. Photo by TK Thompson/

People viewing the event on one of the three large screen TVs set up in the Bradbury Science Museum. Photo by TK Thompson/

People watch the Curiosity rover landing at a secondary TV location inside the Bradbury Science Museum Sunday. Photo by TK Thompson/
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