Creepy Man Lurking Outside Smith’s In White Rock

News Alert:
A citizen who revealed her name to the Los Alamos Daily Post tonight submitted the follow account of an encounter with a man who scared her and she wanted to alert the community:
I was hoping you could let the community know (without using my name) about a creepy guy who was lurking on the side of Smith’s along Longview Dr., in White Rock tonight.
I came out of Smith’s at about 7:50 p.m. in the dark, and when I came around the corner, there was a white male with neatly combed brown hair parted on the side who was about 30 years old who started walking the same direction as me when he saw me. This scared me so I started crossing the street. He propositioned me, saying something like “bleep” as I was walking across Longview Dr. toward Dance Arts Los Alamos.
I told him “No!” and kept walking toward my car quickly. I looked back, and he was then in the shadows of the DALA parking lot up against the metal fence of the storage lot (they have been trying to get a street light for some time). After putting my groceries in the car, I pulled out my phone and dialed 911 so he could see me doing it. He ran away toward the post office, then I couldn’t see him anymore.
He was wearing thick gray sweatpants and a darker crew neck sweatshirt. The police came shortly after and got a description, then went to look for him.
I called Smith’s and told the manager that they ought to walk the workers to their cars when they get off at midnight.
Another friend of mine’s daughter was walking home from school in WR and a car was following her slowly. She ended up dashing into the neighbor’s yard before she got home. They called the police, but the police didn’t catch him.