Creativity Continues In Superintendent’s Project Challenge

Mountain Kindergarten student Maria tells her story through art and music. Courtesy/LAPSF

Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation News:

Do you need something to brighten your day? Put your worries about the future aside for a few minutes and see how students in our community have been spending their time learning from home (here’s the link). You’ll be inspired! 

Student projects continue to wow in the second round of the Superintendent’s Project Challenge. The Challenge is an opportunity for LAPS students to create projects at home during innovative LA learning and enter them in the competition. 

Prizes are funded by Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation. Seventy-seven entries of all kinds were submitted for this round, including music, dance, art, photography, drama, poetry, science, engineering and history, to name a few.

Congratulations to the winners in the second round:

Category 1 (K, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades)

  • Evelyn Fobes “Covid-19 Cinquain Poem Project”
  • Maria Stergiou “Dada’s Missing Wallet—Art, Music and Story”

Category 2 (4th, 5th and 6th grades)

  • Anabel Irving “The Toilet Paper Apocalypse!!!!”
  • Carson Stauffer “Watermelon Man”
  • Liv Niklasson “Cathedral”

Category 3 (Middle School)

  • Asher Knight “Treasure Hunt to Get to Know Parts of Los Alamos”

Category 4 (High School)

  • Isabella Manzanares “Forest Green”
  • Karin Ebey “Float”
  • Orion Henderson “Improvised Swimming During the Coronavirus”

Category 5 (Group)

  • Emily and Brooklynn Scott “Emily’s New Groove”
  • Tate and Linus Plohr “Message From Taterex and Linusaurus”

History Prize

  • Evan Allen “The Notorious RBG—Historical Person Project”

All projects not yet selected will continue to be considered for prizes in future rounds of the contest.  Winners for the next round will be announced May 15.

To see student projects, make donations for prizes, and learn more about Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation visit

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