County Reminder On Animal Control Ordinance

Keeping pets safe and happy takes just a few steps. Courtesy photo


With warmer weather returning to Los Alamos, many screen doors and windows are open, residents are enjoying their yards or may be busy walking or hiking around the community.

Los Alamos County’s Animal Control division typically begins to see an uptick in complaints during the summer months about roaming animals or animals off leash, barking dogs and failure to clean up after pets.

Residents are asked to remember the following items contained in the County’s Animal Control Ordinance:

  • Animals that are off the owner’s premises need to be on a leash (Sec. 6-3)
  • Unreasonable animal noise is prohibited (Sec. 6-6)
  • Prompt removal and disposal of excrement from parks, sidewalks and streets is required (Sec. 6-8)

The Animal Control Division offers a “Dog Owner’s Guide” with more details about barking dogs, nuisance dogs, dog parks or designated voice & sight control areas, and dogs on trails. The brochure can be downloaded from their webpage, which also features the Animal Control Ordinance, plus Voice & Sight Control Maps for County Parks, at