County Issues Community Update as LANL Enters Stage III Fire Restrictions

COUNTY News Alert:

The Los Alamos County Fire Department (LAFD) would like to ask the public for their continued support and assistance during Extreme Fire Danger.

The Los Alamos National Laboratory properties have entered Stage III Fire Restrictions effective July 3 and the LAFD supports their actions.

Therefore, the Los Alamos Fire Department has implemented the attached restrictions to all County owned or forested areas within Los Alamos County effective at 8 a.m. today, Tuesday July 3. 

Patrols of these areas will be conducted by the LAFD and LAPD throughout the County and residents are encouraged to report violations.

Currently, all trail systems are open and the public may enjoy the picnic grounds located within the County providing citizens follow the restrictions.

However, this may change if conditions grow worse.

It is important to note that LAFD is monitoring the conditions daily and will release the restrictions as soon as possible.

While out in our public places, citizens are asked to be attentive, keep a cell phone handy, tell others of hiking plans, be alert and report any smoke or fire witnessed immediately by calling 911.

This could prove to be very beneficial not only to the fire department but also to the citizens in the entire county to reduce the risk of another large wildland fire for our area.

The LAFD is encouraging citizens to attend and support the Kiwanis and Los Alamos County Independence Day event that will be held beginning at 2 p.m.. July 4 at Overlook Park.

Although the fireworks show at the end of the evening has been canceled, there will still be other family-friendly fun bouncy toys and activities, plus music by Eddie & the Nomads.

The public also is invited to attend the LAFD vs. LAPD softball game beginning at 10 a.m., July 4 at the Overlook Park ball fields.

As always, LAFD thanks the public for their continued support and urges citizens to have a safe Independence Day.

By Order of Los Alamos County Fire Department – effective at 8 a.m., Tuesday July 3 through Friday Aug. 3, or until rescinded, whichever comes first:

  • NO OPEN FIRESon ALL public lands and all parks in Los Alamos County. Which means that “building, maintaining, attending or using a fire, campfire, charcoal, broiler, coal, gas or wood stove fire is prohibited” anywhere in the restricted jurisdiction- even in developed recreation sites.
  • Smoking is only allowed inside an enclosed vehicle or building on County Owned Lands or forested areas.
  • NO motor vehiclescan be taken off road, except when parking in an area devoid of vegetation within 10 feet of the roadway. Parking overnight in developed campgrounds is allowed providing that all provisions are followed on County Owned Lands or forested areas.

Exception: Any Emergency Responder in the performance of an official duty.

  • Internal or external combustion engines must have properly installed, maintained, and working spark arrestors. Operating chainsaws, other equipment powered by an internalcombustion engines, and welding or grinding outside of a buildingis restricted as well on County Owned Lands or forested areas.

Exception for welding or grinding outside a building:

  • Require a separate individual onsite near the welding or grinding process designated as a “Fire Watch”
  • Minimum of 30 feet in all directions shall be cleared of potential ignition sources.
  • “Fire Watch” will have available a minimum of five-gallon bucket of water and a 10 lbs. fire extinguisher
  • “Fire Watch” will have a phone to call 911 immediately for any and all fires that ignite during the process and no matter how small the fire may be, CALL 911
  • “Fire Watch” will remain onsite a minimum of 30 minutes at the conclusion of the operation to ensure that no embers remain and no fire was ignited.

Explosives (including fireworks) are prohibited on County Owned Lands or forested areas of the County to include the discharging of Firearms, Pyrotechnics or Incendiary Devices.

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