County Fair Exhibit Winners Announced

Louis Macinnes, age 11, received the “Horticulture Best of the Best Award” for his broccoli. Courtesy photo

Rachel Frankle, age 13, received the “Creative Arts Best of the Best Award” for her modern art acrylic painting. Courtesy photo


This year, four individuals were awarded the “Best of the Best” award, a beautiful hand-crafted plate created by local artist Barbara Yarnell.

Laniece Miller, received the “Fiber Arts Best of the Best Award for her harhanger cross-stitch counted thread needlework technique. Joyce Anderson, received the “Culinary Arts Best of the Best Award” for her yeast crescent rolls. Rachel Frankle, 13, received the “Creative Arts Best of the Best Award” for her modern art acrylic painting. Louis Macinnes, 11, received the “Horticulture Best of the Best Award” for his broccoli.

The following individuals were recognized for their Grand and Reserve Grand Champion awards:

Clothing: Youth Grand Champion – Chelsea Lovato (cosmetic bag);  Youth Reserved Grand Champion, Shawnee English (child’s apron);  Adult Grand Champion –Theresa Threadgill, (denim bag from recycled jeans and old purse); Adult Reserve Grand Champion – Nancy Cope (tan bear).

Knitting: Adult Grand Champion – Laurie Hixson (chevron jacket); Adult Reserve Grand Champion – Laurie Hixon (grey shawl).

Crochet: Adult Grand Champion – Wendy Hahn (shark slippers); Adult Reserved Grand Champion – Joan Houlton (diamond trellis afghan.)

Needlework: Youth Reserve Grand Champion – Ellie Vincent (soft circus elephant); Adult Grand Champion – Laniece Miller (hardhanger cross); Reserve Grand Champion – Nancy Cope (counted thread, blackwork “pear & apple”).

Quilts: Youth Reserved Grand Champion – Madeline Baker (wall quilt with birds); Adult Grand Champions – Claire Swinhoe (“Halloween is Coming” quilt) and Carol Mahan (“Indian Birds” quilt);  Adult Reserve Grand Champion – Claire Swinhoe (“Three Hungry Fish” quilt).

Baked Goods: Youth Grand Champion – Ann Sherrill (yeast dinner rolls); Youth Reserve Grand Champion – Kayla Parker (pumpkin bread); Adult Grand Champion – Joyce Anderson (yeast crescent rolls);  Adult Reserve Grand Champion – Franklin Bunker (White yeast bread).

Preserved Foods: Adult Grand Champion – Denise George (canned peaches); Adult Reserve Grand Champion – Jeanne Butler (canned tomatoes).

Fine Arts: Youth Grand Champion – Rachel Frankle (Modern art acrylic painting); Youth Reserve Grand Champion – Emily Pittman (“Skull with Flowers”);  Adult Grand Champion – Lotti Bublitz, (colored pencil drawing);  Adult Reserve Grand Champion – Genevieve Waquie (butterfly bracelet).

Hobbies & Crafts: Youth Grand Champion – AJ McPherson (“Bilbo Baggins Warrior Store” original lego model); Youth Reserve Grand Champion – Samuel Carmer & Like Kachelmeier  (“Bat Cave & Bat Copter” original lego model);  Adult Grand Champion – Josephine Boyer (“Birds and the Bees” ceramic hummingbird feeder); Adult Reserve Grand Champion – James Jurney (stingray leather wallet).

Photography: Youth Grand Champion – Ann Sherril (“Spruce”); Youth Reserve Grand Champion – Derek Selvage (“Dandelion’); Adult Grand Champion – Isaac Borrego (“Double Arch Under the Stars”); Adult Reserve Grand Champion – Isaac Borrego (“Kachina Bridge Reflection”)

Horticulture: Youth Grand Champion – Louis Macinnes (broccoli);  Youth Reserve Grand Champion – Kalem Smith (sweet peas);  Adult Grand Champion – Jill Sherill (vegetable basket);  Adult Reserve Grand Champion – Stan Kosiewiz (carrots).

4-H Projects: Selected for State Fair competition – Marshall Wentz – novice 4-H member (Archery exhibit); Colin Wilburn – senior 4-H member (Dairy Goat Exhibit).

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