County Council Tables Sheriff’s Office Resolution

It was a roller coaster ride during the Los Alamos County Council’s special meeting Wednesday night in council chambers. The room was packed with residents who offered their thoughts on Councilor Pete Sheehey’s proposed resolution to restore the duties of the Sheriff’s Office. The resolution would provide a budget of $200,000 to cover the duties, hire a fulltime deputy, an administrative assistant and to attend training and other expenses. Furthermore, the resolution would provide vehicles as needed to the Sheriff’s office. During the course of the meeting, the Council was threatened with two separate ligitations from Sheriff Marco Lucero and Los Alamos resident Greg White and went into closed executive sessions twice. Public comment reflected support and opposition for the resolution. In the end, Council voted unanimously to table the resolution. However, several Councilors spoke in favor of forming a charter review committee to look into possibly modifying the section of the County charter that discusses the duties and responsibilities of the police department and sheriff’s office. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

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