County Council is Underway and First up is Public Comment

James Rickman spoke to Council from the perspective of one who rides a bicycle around the community. He mentioned that he has observed many motorists texting while driving and said that drivers in virtually every County vehicle that he has observed are texting while driving. He asked Council to consider some type of law with meat and teeth against texting while driving that might be equivalent to, as an example, a fourth degree felony a person would be charged with for walking around with a gun. He said that texting while driving is just as dangerous. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ 

Peggy Pendergast expressed her concerns to Council about the need for a sound barrier wall in the Eastern Area near the entrance to town. Scott Lucido also advocated for the sound barrier wall in the Eastern Area. Council Chair Sharon Stover mentioned that the sound barrier wall project remains a work in progress and will be considered after the May 15 Council meeting at which six CIP projects will be reviewed. Photo by Carol A Clark/

Greg White said that Los Alamos is the most like Mayberry RFD of any community he has ever seen and that he cannot understand why people want to grow the population to 25,000. He appreciates Los Alamos the way it is. This concludes the public comment section of tonight’s County Council meeting. Photo by Carol A. Clark/


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