County Council Approves Brand Action Plan

Jim Glover of the Idea Group of Santa Fe, left, and Dave Hayduk of HK Advertising present the Brand Action Plan Tuesday night to the County Council during its regular meeting. Council approved the Brand Action Plan 7-0. Glover defined a brand as the municipal’s reputation. Branding, he said, is managing that reputation. The essence of Los Alamos’ brand is: ‘cultivating curiousity and creating aha moments.’ The Council was impressed with the presented plan. ‘I feel we are in good hands,’ Councilor Antonio Maggiore said. Councilor James Chrobocinski added he really appreciated the presenation and said it was important to tell Los Alamos’ story. ‘We have a beautiful community,’ Chrobocinski said. During public comment, Los Alamos resident Greg White said the whole community should get involved. ‘Los Alamos is just a fantastic Mayberry … I wish everyone in the world could experience it.’ Photo by Kirsten Laskey/