County Branding Survey to Allow Multiple Responses Per Computer


Los Alamos County has directed its branding consultant to change the settings on its community survey — — issued April 9 to allow multiple people to submit responses using the same computer. 

This change was made based on feedback from recipients regarding potential issues associated with limiting responses to one per IP (Internet Protocol) address—the numerical label assigned to each device participating in a computer network. 

The chief concern is that security filters may result in dramatically limiting survey responses.

According to Adam Winstead, project manager with the branding consulting firm North Star Destination Strategies, “Limiting one response per one IP address is one way to ensure that respondents don’t take the survey multiple times to skew the results. 

However, this type of activity is very rare and is not a major concern in this community.  We think it’s in the best interest of the project to allow multiple responses per computer.”

The Community Survey is open to all members of the community, takes as little as 10 minutes and must be completed and submitted in the same session.

The information is collected anonymously and presented in an aggregate form. It is posted on the County’s Economic Development page ( and distributed via e-mail to groups including commuters, scientists and post-docs, as well as individuals with no connection to the Lab who live and/or work in the County.

Branding Survey Allows Multiple Responses Per Computer

The Community Survey builds on input from “in-market” interviews North Star conducted in mid-March with representatives from the County, LANL, downtown businesses, arts and culture organizations, recreation groups and people on the street. 

North Star is also reviewing all available past and existing promotional materials—brochures, websites, social media, etc.—used to market the County, both to internal and external audiences.

In the coming months, North Star will be conducting a survey of potential residents, including commuters to the county from the surrounding region, as well as a separate series of interviews with potential industry representatives and consumers who are in the market for relocation or expansion. 

Based on the different “insights,” North Star will develop Los Alamos County’s strategic brand platform for presentation to Council and the community in mid-August 2013.

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