Council to Decide Fate of Capital Projects Feb. 19


Feb. 19 beginning at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers, the Los Alamos County Council will have a discussion to decide “which” capital projects approved for design and construction in May 2012 will be moving forward or deferred.

The Council moved this meeting from being a Work Session in White Rock to a Regular Session in Los Alamos so that the meeting can be televised.

Due to budget shortfalls, Council gave the staff budget guidance on Jan. 29 to defer up to $12.5 million in capital project costs and delay projects up to four years for these eight approved projects:

  • Ashley Pond Park Improvements
  • Teen Center
  • Nature Center
  • Eastern Area Sound Wall
  • Golf Course Improvements
  • White Rock Civic Center
  • Canyon Rim Trail
  • Ice Rink Improvements

The Council will make a decision at the close of the meeting and their decision will determine the capital projects included in the FY14 budget, as well as long-range capital project planning.

The meeting will be streamed live on PAC-8 on Feb. 19, or it can be streamed on the Council’s webpage at

Citizens interested in e-mailing the Council with their input on the list can do so at


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