Council Tentatively Approves County Manager’s Proposed $17 Million FY2017 Budget

Los Alamos County Manager Harry Burgess briefs council this evening during the second night of budget hearings on details of his proposed budget of $17,166,687 for FY2017. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Los Alamos County Economic Vitality Administrator Greg Fisher briefs council on economic development endeavors within the county. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation Executive Director Patrick Sullivan discusses a proposed partnership between the LACDC, LANL and Central Park Square, and asked the county to participate in what he calls Project Y Cowork Los Alamos. He describes it as a one-year pilot project to bring local businesses and outside businesses together at a space in the center of downtown. Sullivan told council there is already a calendar of 13 months worth of activities and programs in place for this endeavor. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Staff Report

The Los Alamos County Council voted 7-0 this evening to tentatively approve the County Manager’s proposed budget of $17,166,687.

The County Manager’s Office provides the overall administrative leadership necessary for the implementation of County Council policies, Council’s Strategic Leadership Plan, administration of the organization and delivery of services to the citizens.

The Office promotes interaction with other jurisdictions and levels of government in the region to serve the best interests of Los Alamos residents.

The Communication and Public Relations Division informs, educates and involves citizens and employees about County projects, policies, and goals while enhancing the image of County government.

The Economic Development Division promotes business growth, capital investment, business and economic growth, affordable housing programs, and revitalization of housing.