Council Taps Anne Nobile For Probate Judge

Probate Judge Anne Nobile. Photo by Carol A. Clark/
Los Alamos Daily Post

Longtime Los Alamos resident Anne Nobile is Los Alamos County’s new probate judge.

She replaces Bill McKerley who resigned when it was determined he could not hold the position while also serving as chair of the Republican Party of Los Alamos. He resigned May 20, 2016 but agreed to serve until replaced. 

The Los Alamos County Council voted 6-1 to appoint Nobile to serve the remainder of this year’s term through Dec. 31. Councilor James Chrobocinski voted for businessman Abe Dispennette who had been appointed by the local GOP to seek the vacancy. He is running for the four-year post in the November election.

Nobile works at Los Alamos National Laboratory as a health and safety professional in the OSH-ISH Group. She has served several years on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

“Empathy, compassion and a sincere desire to guide the customer through the procedure are my priorities for the probate judge position,” Nobile said. “Going the extra mile to assure our citizens are confident they have the best possible experience is my goal for this office.”

In her letter to County Council Chair Rick Reiss and the other councilors, Nobile said that to perform well as the Los Alamos County probate judge, one needs to provide compassionate customer service and an accurate implementation of the probate laws.

“Having served six years on the quasi-judicial Planning & Zoning Commission and two on the Board of Adjustment, I can understand that, as you well know, there is the very understandable desire to be heard,” Nobile said. “In the case of the probate court, I would expect the same to be even more true. The expectation must be that all visitors to the probate judge’s office receive excellent customer service and have their concerns addressed.”

Nobile suggested that this could start with a website containing a very accessible quick start guide, easier to digest than blocks of text. Next, consideration should be given to the bereaved who personally visit the office, “where being a friend may be the highest calling.”

In seeking the appointment to probate judge, Nobile, who holds a B.A. in British Literature from the University of South Carolina in Columbia, asked the Council to consider her for the following reasons:

  • I have 22 years of experience as a volunteer in Los Alamos County in school libraries, religion classes, Girl Scouts, P&Z, and the Affordable Housing Program and these experiences have caused me to be well acquainted with our citizens.
  • I have a strong engagement in the subject matter, stemming from experience as a paralegal.
  • I am dedicated to promoting a positive image of los Alamos when receiving visitors in this office
  • I will commit to accepting no volunteer positions while serving as probate judge, so I can be as available as possible.
  • I view my contribution of time as an investment in the future of our county.

Noble concluded her letter to Council saying, “To me, this is about more than being probate judge, this is about being part of the county government team, a team seeking the best possible quality of life for all residents.”

Nobile is running as an Independent in the Nov. 8 General Election to serve a four year term in the office.