Council Okays Special Election For Recreation Bond

County Councilor James Chrobocinski makes a motion to approve the special election for the $20 million recreation bond, which passed unanimously. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/


Los Alamos Daily Post

The Los Alamos County Council unanimously passed the resolution to hold a special election for a $20 million recreation bond during its regular meeting Tuesday night. The special election will be held May 23.

If voters approve the bond, Council anticipates utilizing up to $13.5 million of Capital Improvement Project funds in order to supplement the bond proceeds toward the construction of five recreational improvements. These improvements include a recreation center, a splash pad, softball field improvements, a multi-generational pool and improvements to the golf course.

Councilor James Chrobocinski, who motioned to approve the special election, said, “I’m honored to make this motion tonight … it got, I believe, widespread support throughout the community. I’m excited to move it forward to a vote.”

Council Vice Chair Susan O’Leary seconded the motion, saying, “I’m looking forward to getting this bond passed and starting to have more fun in this community.”

Councilor Chris Chandler urged people to be cautious about the Capital Improvement Projects as a number of things about them can change. “I just want to manage expectations,” she said. “I’m looking forward to hearing from the community on this.” Whatever voters decide will be the Council’s marching orders, she said.

Councilor Pete Sheehey said the County has a good track record being financially responsible with its Capital Improvement Projects. During a time of budget constraints, the County was still able to push through several CIP projects including the Teen Center and the White Rock Branch Library. He added that of all the CIP projects undertaken in the last four years, the only one he is aware of that had much budget overrun was the White Rock Senior Center. Even that project still came in under the original proposed budget.

“We can build these projects … at or near the budget planned,” Sheehey said. “I think that these projects will vastly improve the community.”