Council Briefed on 4th Quarter and FY 2015 Budget

Deputy County Administrator Steven Lynne briefs Council and provides background financial information to the Council on the FY 2014 first quarter budget review and FY 2015 budget. Together with County Administrator Harry Burgess, Lynne asks Council to discuss and provide FY 2015 budget development guidance to staff. Lynne explained that there is a significant reduction in Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) revenue projected. The projection is about $2 million less GRT. This will require substantial changes to the FY 2015 budget in order to address projected shortfalls. Changes also are being considered in FY 2014 as well. Staff has been reviewing potential scenarios that demonstrate how changes in a variety of fiscal components can work together to deal with the situation. Those components include Fund Balance, Expenditures, Capital Projects, Debt, Revenues and Staffing. Lynne told Council the County is looking at no salary increases next year and a lowering of staff by attrition only. Sheehey suggested a 1 percent increase to keep employee’s take home pay flat. He estimated it would cost some $500,000 but said it was important to find the funds. After considering the updated financial background information, staff is seeking policy guidance from Council for the development of the FY 2015 budget. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Deputy County Administrator Steven Lynne, laft, briefs Council on the budget. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

FY 2015 budget slide. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

County Administrator Harry Burgess and County Attorney Becky Ehler listen to the budget briefing. Photo by Carol A. Clark/