Construction Project To Begin In White Rock


The Department of Public Utilities’ contractor, AUI, Inc., is to perform sanitary sewer work scheduled to begin the week of Nov. 21 with crews working 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The project will include, in order of execution, trenchless rehabilitation and service line replacement of pipelines under Connie Avenue (600 feet west of Aragon Avenue), Kayenta Drive and Mimbres Drive, resulting in little or no street excavation. According to Department officials, spot excavation on the street and some excavation on residential yards will be necessary for the reconnection/replacement of sanitary sewer service lines.

Department officials indicate that DPU customers will have no interruption to utility services, not even wastewater collection, and only minor traffic disruptions are anticipated due to the spot excavations in the middle of the road.  Some residences will have landscapes, and possibly driveways, or sidewalks that may be affected. AUI, Inc. will coordinate these activities with affected residences.

The duration of the construction activities is expected to be 60 days, weather permitting, and with approximately two weeks on each street segment. 

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