Congress Must Extend Farm Bill By Sept. 30

CRA News:
LYONS, NE Congress has five days to act before the 2014 farm bill expires.
In response, Center for Rural Affairs Policy Associate Cora Fox said failing to pass a new farm bill or extend the current farm bill lets down farmers and ranchers.
She said at this point, passage of a 2018 farm bill before the Sept. 30 deadline seems unlikely.
“In the absence of a new farm bill, it is imperative that lawmakers extend current legislation,” Fox said. “Farmers and ranchers across the country rely on important programs that will sunset without an extension of the 2014 farm bill.”
If Congress allows the current farm bill to expire, more than $1 billion in available federal funding will be inaccessible, including support for beginning farmers, veterans, conservation, local food production, and more.
“Ignorance might be bliss for lawmakers in D.C. – far removed from the producers who are struggling to make ends meet,” Fox said. “Congress must act responsibly, set aside differences, and recognize that an extension will give producers the stability they need while farm bill negotiations continue.”
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