Concert of Flamenco Dance and Music Nov. 9


PSDA News:

A Concert of Flamenco Dance and Music for All Ages at 7 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 9 at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, 555 El Camino de la Familia.

Add a dash of mystery, several drops of surprise, and an overflowing cup of good humor to your evening by joining the Pajarito Spanish Dance Alliance (PSDA) for a delectable banquet of Spanish music and dance. The intimate space at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe will be brought to life with songs and dances from Southern Spain in true flamenco style

The Company: Ronaldo Baca, Kevin Rendón, Nicolasa Chávez, Tamara Baca, Sara de Luz, Catalina Rio Fernandez, & Ellen Walton. Student performers: Opale Schappert and Chris Jeffery. The Pajarito Spanish Dance Alliance is a 501 (c) 3 organization which brings together local artists to perform and teach.

Admission is $18 for adults and $7 for students 18 years and under, tickets at the door day of show or reserve at 505.412.0104 or at, payment by cash or check only.

About Pajarito Spanish Dance Alliance and Un Pizco de Misterio

The Pajarito Spanish Dance Alliance was founded in 2011 by Ellen Walton as a resource for performers, teachers and students of Spanish dance and music in Northern New Mexico. A multitude of accomplished artists reside in Northern New Mexico who, along with their dedicated students, work to preserve and develop Spanish music and dance, which includes the increasingly popular art form called “Flamenco”.   

The geographical distances between communities mean that these artists are working in pockets of relative isolation, and collaboration is costly and difficult. Walton, a native of Los Alamos and graduate of the University of New Mexico Dance program, returned home in 2005 after working in the New York theater and dance community for 10 years and discovered the difficulties of collaborating with a community of long-distance artist commuters with little or no budget. Reconnecting with dancers from UNM and meeting new artists along the way has been an exciting experience for Ellen, and the organization is a way to bring people together to share and perform the art they love.    

In the last three years the Pajarito Spanish Dance Alliance has brought together artists and students from Taos, Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Albuquerque, Alcalde and even La Jara to perform and study. These people also work as teachers, museum curators, and musicians of many styles, small business owners, nurses and parents. They share in common a love for art and for young people. This fall’s performance of Flamenco and Spanish dance, Un Pizco de Misterio, at the El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe brings together four alumni from the UNM dance program: Nicolasa Chávez, Sara de Luz, Catalina Rio Fernandez, and Ellen “Elena” Walton as well as husband and wife team from Bernalillo: Ronaldo and Tamara Baca, and Kevin Rendón from Alcalde. Ellen’s long-time students Opale Schappert and Chris Jeffery will also join the company.  The show is meant for all ages and truly has something for everyone.