Computer Error Causes 91,780 Inaccurate Renewal Notices; Customers Not Charged Additional Fees

MVD News:

SANTA FE – New Mexico Department of Motor Vehicle Division customers who received vehicle registration renewal notices with inaccurate fee totals will not be charged the improper amount stated on the recently mailed notices, the division said Thursday.

A computer error caused an erroneous additional digit to be included in the amount due.

Customers who visit an MVD field office or to renew their registrations are able to view and pay the correct amount due.

Those who wish to pay by mail may find the correct fee total by visiting and clicking on “vehicles” in the navigation bar.

A computer error caused incorrect fee totals to be included on 91,780 registration renewal “postcards” mailed to customers, MVD Director Alicia Ortiz said. “An erroneous additional ‘0’ was included in the amount due. Staff is work to correct the error and directly contacting affected customers.

“We strive for excellence in our customer service and we sincerely apologize for any confusion the error has caused,” Ortiz said. The issue will be fixed within the coming days, well in advance of the next round of notices that go out later this month. In the meantime, we are working diligently to notify customers and ensure they understand their fees have not increased.”

The division will work with vehicle owners who submit any renewals that arrive with checks made out for the erroneous amounts to avoid any late fees or expired registrations that might result from the delay.

The agency is not presently aware of any overpayments due to the computer error; staff members have been alerted to watch for checks made out for erroneous amounts. Any that might be received in an erroneous amount will be refunded promptly.