Community Water Tank Rehab Reason for Minor Water Issues


DPU News:

Residents around downtown Los Alamos may be experiencing minor affects from the drainage, lead abatement, repair and repainting underway on the community water tank above 47th Street and Trinity Drive.

The Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities explained in an announcement in late March that following drainage of this tank, which serves the southern portion of the downtown area, the “twin” tank located a few hundred feet northward would be put into service for the downtown area between and around Oppenheimer Street, 9th Street and Central Avenue southward past Trinity Drive.

Some businesses and residents of these areas are noticing a slight decrease in water pressure through the course of the work.

The DPU added that Quemazon Trail hikers may notice drainage of the tank, with flows going to Los Alamos Canyon toward the Ice Skating Rink as well.

Occasional noise from compressors, sandblasting, filtration equipment and ingress and egress also may be detected in the 47th Street, upper Trinity Drive and Quemazon Trail area throughout the course of the repainting and repair work.

The $450,000 tank rehab project is scheduled for completion in late May.

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