Community Shines In Los Alamos FB4K Bike Collection!

Los Alamos Kiwanians spent time Sunday loading 160 donated bicycles into this U-Haul truck and onto pickups and trailers to transport to the Free Bikes 4 Kidz (FB4K) organization in Santa Fe. Kiwanians helping load the bikes, from left, Morrie Pongratz, Tim Glasco, Doug Hemphill, Don Siebe, Kathy S, Cheryl Pongratz, Don Casperson and Bob Carlos. Not pictured, Steve and Kathy Boerigter and Philo Shelton. Courtesy/Kiwanis

Kiwanians Philo Shelton, Tim Glasco and Doug Hemphill continue loading bikes donated by the community into vehicles for transport to Santa Fe Sunday in the parking lot at IHM. Photo by Morris Pongratz

Kiwanian Don Casperson, foreground, assists FB4K crew members load up a truck with donated bikes Sunday in the parking lot at IHM Catholic Church on Canyon Road. Photo by Morris Pongratz

Don Siebe ties down a load of community donated bikes Sunday for transport. Photo by Morris Pongratz

Kiwanians Tim Glasco, Chery Pongratz, Roger Stutz and Roger’s wife, Dr. Jacqueline Krohn standing behind the mountain of bikes in the IHM Parish Hall donated by the community Friday and Saturday. Kiwanians John Arrowsmith, Bob Carlos, Morrie Pongratz, Don Siebe, Doug Hemphill, Kathy S, Don Casperson, Steve and Kathy Boerigter and Philo Shelton and others all helped with the project. Photo by Morrie Pongratz/Kiwanis