Community Colleges Honor Sen. George K. Munoz

Sen. George K. Munoz


New Mexico Independent Community Colleges and the New Mexico Association of Community Colleges recently honored Sen. George K. Munoz, D-Cibola, McKinley and San Juan, for his long-standing support as a legislator for community colleges statewide and their students.

“I am truly humbled. I believe that sincere investments must be made into these colleges because they do so much for many communities in our state,” Munoz said. “Thanks to community colleges, communities in our state are given the chance to educate their citizens, as well as stimulate the local economy, and provide jobs for educators and staff.”

Earlier, the State Senate passed Senate Memorial 58, “Community College Day in the Legislature.” Democratic senators offered praise to the role that community colleges play in offering New Mexicans another avenue to continue their education after secondary school.

“By assuring these institutions are operating efficiently, we show our support to those who want a higher education, which will one day contribute to obtaining a career,” Munoz added. “I congratulate the students who achieved 3.25 GPA last semester. It’s hardworking students like these that will continue to contribute positively to our society and make life better in New Mexico.”