Community Capacity Building Meeting April 2


Community capacity building may be a running theme for an April 2 meeting on resiliency, sponsored by Los Alamos Public Schools and Los Alamos County.

“Los Alamos Public Schools, in collaboration with Los Alamos County, is proud to be a joint sponsor for this event,” LAPS Superintendent Dr. Gene Schmidt said. “Building our community’s resilience is important to the mental and physical health of our residents. It is my hope that this meeting will build on the good work that has been done and set the stage for even greater services in the future.”

The event was designed to highlight important information and the many valuable services that exist within the county. Often many services aren’t common knowledge until it is too late.

“The educational opportunity will host information from how to build resiliency in youth to what services you can access for a variety of ages and how to prepare for an emergency,” Schmidt said. “Citizens are invited to drop by and access the needed resources or stay for the information gathering portion.”

The event will take place at Aspen Elementary School, utilized as a centralized meeting hub.

“It pleases me that this very important event will be hosted by Aspen Elementary School,” Schmidt said. “An opportunity to tour the school will be included in the evening’s schedule for those in our community who have not toured this modern learning center.”

The evening’s presentations will be held in a separate location for those wishing to listen to learn about the major topic areas for the night. They include Dr. Kelly Gallagher, Department of Heath; Kim Gabaldon and Debra Shelton of Los Alamos County Community Services; Pauline Powell Schneider, Los Alamos Retired and Senior Organization and Los Alamos County Emergency Manager Beverley Simpson.

The booths located just outside the presentation room will offer resources from the JJAB Youth Resource Advocate and Family Resource Advocates, Alcoholics Anonymous, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Mesa Public Library, LA Cares, Self Help, information on bullying, stress, depression and more.

Two Los Alamos Public Schools students work to promote the event. High School student Derek Selvage and LAMS student Sam Crooks worked on the media campaign to promote the April 2 gathering. The gentleman, both Youth Business Grant recipients used their photography and videographer skills respectively to promote the presentations.

“I would like to extend my special thanks to the students who helped to promote this event through the creation of movie theater and media ads,” Schmidt said. “Events like this become more meaningful when students are involved. Their investment of time and energy speaks well to the importance of the message that they are sharing.

During this event, the prevention office also welcomes the donations of snack items, hard candy or gum to benefit their many school programs. To learn more, contact the Los Alamos Public Schools Prevention Office at 505.663.3252.

Community Resiliency Agenda

6–6:05 p.m. Welcome and Overview:

  • Morrie Pongratz
  • Rocket Scientist and Los Alamos Living Treasure

6:05 –6:25 p.m. YRRS Data:

  • Kelly Gwendolyn Gallagher, Ph.D.
  • Community Health Epidemiologist (Department of Health)

6:25-6:35 p.m. Community Services

  • Kim Gabaldon–Social Services Manager (Community Services Division)
  • Deborah Shelton–Case Coordination Specialist

6:35-6:45 p.m. Senior Services

  • Pauline Powell Schneider
  • LARSO Executive Director

6:45-6:55 p.m. Emergency Management

  • Beverley Simpson
  • Emergency Manager (Los Alamos County)

6:55-7 p.m. Thank You and Close

  • Morrie Pongratz
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