Community Broadband Network Survey Underway



Through Saturday Nov. 10, Los Alamos County will be surveying residents regarding their option of the Community Broadband Network; a “last-mile” fiber network that will provide open and advanced broadband communications access to all Los Alamos County citizens, businesses and institutions.

As part of this survey, the County is interested in conducting market research to assess demand and interest in broadband services, as well as explore preferences regarding methods of financing the CBN project and willingness to pay for the various costs to install and operate the network.

The surveys will be conducted at Time Out Pizza in White Rock, the Mesa Public Library, The Coffee House and The Reel Deal Theater. The in-person surveys are in addition to the telephone surveys that were conducted in September. The survey should take less than 3 minutes to fill out.

The updated schedule for the week of November 5th is shown below:

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