Community Asset Award Winners Announced

The Director’s Choice Award was presented to Los Alamos Police Officer Ben Irving, left, and Steve Bublitz of the Los Alamos Arts Council. Photo by Chad Lauritzen

Marlene Trujillo was nominated by a customer as the top employee for Smith’s Marketplace. Her checkout line at the store is long, but customers don’t mind waiting for a chance to chat with kindness. Photo by Chad Lauritzen


The Community Assets Award winners have been announced in the following categories:

Blazing Businesses

  • Aspen Copies    
  • Morning Glory Bakery

Art In Public Places

  • Catherine Ozment      
  • Jeremy Smith
  • Kenyon (Father Theophan) Mackey    
  • Katy Korkos          
  • Shelby Hollis

Community Organizers

  • Samuel Buelow    
  • Christine Monteith     
  • Karen Easton

Exciting Educators

  • Andy Ainsworth    
  • Suzanne Lynne      
  • Rebecca Jones

Backbone of America

  • Flyer de Lys    
  • Pig & Fig     
  • Unquarked     
  • Rigobertos

Artists In Action

  • Jocelyn Warner    
  • Jan MacDonald    
  • Sarah Kelly    

Service with a Smile

  • Lisa Scott   
  • Bibi (Aurelia) Sanchez   
  • Marlene Trujillo

Caring Compassionates

  • Annie Bard    
  • Phil Vigil    
  • Jim Zerr   
  • Roy Cope

Director’s Choice

  • Ben Irving    
  • Steve Bublitz

Spirit of the West                   

  • Rita Sanchez