Column: No Tax Rate Increase Means No Tax Rate Increase

By Dr. Gene Schmidt
Superintendent of Schools

Your YES Vote Means NO Tax Increase. Los Alamos voters received mail-in ballots this past week, which seeks voter approval of a $20 million Bond. If passed, Bond 2013 provides construction funding for Aspen Elementary School and for much-needed upgrades and repairs to school facilities. Bond information provided to the community states passage of the bond will not increase your tax rate. Yes, you heard right. Approval of the $20 million bond will not increase tax rates. This becomes possible because Bond 2013 acts as a replacement for bonds set to expire. In effect, passage of Bond 2013 simply continues the tax rate property owners currently pay.
Better Schools Enhance Learning. Research conducted by the California Department of Education demonstrates clean air, good light and a small quiet, comfortable environment are important for student achievement. Approval of the bond helps Los Alamos continue our 20-Year Goal of improving facilities throughout the district. Bond 2009 funded the construction of a new academic wing for Los Alamos High School and an academic wing of Los Alamos Middle School that is scheduled for completion in late summer 2013. Improving the quality of our school facilities is important. Our students deserve facilities that mirror the high quality of instruction that takes place within them.
Investing in Schools is an Investment in Our Community. Denying Bond 2013 will not substantially lower property taxes, but would inhibit the district’s ability to fund essential safety and functional improvement, while delaying the much-needed modernization of our facilities. In contrast, approval of Bond 2013 is an investment in the future of our children. All our schools contribute to our quality of life and our children’s futures, which are reflected in our local home values. Without requesting a property tax rate increase, we want to continue enabling our community’s and schools’ excellence with modern facilities.


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