Cogbill: Police Deaths In The U.S.

Chart: Number of police deaths per one million population in the United States. Image by Allen Cogbill
Los Alamos

Joel Williams’ letter regarding the number of police deaths in the U.S. was informative. However, his graph was not adjusted for population [increase].

The graph above shows the number of police deaths per one million population.

I note the dramatic fall-off in police deaths after the end of Prohibition. It is entirely possibly that we might experience a similar (relative) drop-off in police deaths if the War on Drugs was abandoned, as Columbia Professor John McWhorter has long argued (e.g., this column).

The War on Drugs is the singular U.S. policy that is most deleterious to black people in urban areas, especially young black males (the other similar policy is the minimum wage, but that is a different topic). It is a racist policy that we should abandon.