Classic Cars Take Tour Through Bandelier

All lined up in the Bandelier parking lot, these classic cars drew a lot of admirers Friday. The cars were Cord and Auburn automobiles from the 1930s and made in America. They were quite ahead of their time with front wheel drive, supercharged V8 engines, very aerodynamic styling, concealed door hinges … some even had headlights that turned direction along with the front wheels when turning a corner. These special automobiles were very expensive in their day, costing more than the average house (car $2,700, house $2,000). The Cord Auburn company went out of business around 1937-1938. Photo by TK Thompson/
Here they come down the hill into Bandelier National Monument. Photo by TK Thompson/
These classic cars are quite different in appearance than modern cars. Photo by TK Thompson/
The characteristic boat-tail rear deck of an Auburn Speedster. Photo by TK Thompson/
The hood is up and ready for inspection. Photo by TK Thompson/

A 1937 Cord 812 Supercharged Cabriolet in front of the Bandelier Visitor Center. Photo by TK Thompson/
Some models were even supercharged for more horsepower. Photo by TK Thompson/
The distinctive front end of a Cord Phaeton from the 1929-1930 period. Photo by TK Thompson/
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