Cinema Cindy Reviews ‘The Intern’


“The Intern” stars two of our better contemporary actors, Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway, as a retired businessman and the successful founder of an online start up.

The send up is that De Niro’s 70-year-old character, Ben Whittaker, needing something more to do with his life, applies and gets accepted for a “senior intern” program at (Hathaway’s much younger character) Jules Ostin’s company.

Movie poster for ‘The Intern.” Courtesy Reel Deal Theater

The tag line for the film, “Experience never gets old,” is descriptive of the plot. Ben Whittaker’s 40 years of business experience is, perhaps surprisingly, just what a small company of 20-somethings needs. Jules Ostin, and many of her employees, don’t imagine a 70-year-old can teach them anything. The fun is in seeing what Ben gets to teach them while they teach him about their online world.

This light film has profound moments. Young guys get a friendly dressing down about dressing like boys rather than men. Jules’ little daughter Paige (Jojo Kushner) pulls at everyone’s heartstrings. Jules’ husband Matt (Anders Holm) struggles with identity as a stay at home dad, putting the marriage in jeopardy.

Jason (Adam DeVine) has relationship problems with Jules’ assistant, Becky (Christina Scherer). Davis (Zack Pearlman) can’t find an apartment he can afford in the city. Lewis (Jason Orley) needs to find himself. And Jules herself, known to be hard to work with, has been asked to hire a CEO to help the company manage its rapid expansion. 

Entirely enjoyable and entertaining, this film will appeal to many age groups. It examines the interplay between two very different generations and emerges showing how each can benefit from working together with the other at a common goal.

“The Intern” is rated PG-13 for some suggestive content and brief strong language. Ben’s infatuation with Fiona, the company masseuse (played by Rene Russo), leads to some of the suggestive content.

This movie will be a highlight of the movies this year, but likely not an Oscar contender. It is fun and moving, however.

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