Cinema Cindy Reviews: ‘Frozen’


Frozen won for Best Animated Feature Film in the Oscars last week, but I hadn’t seen it until yesterday.

To be honest, out of the five films nominated in this category, I had only seen The Croods, not having much drive to see animated features these days. But, I did like The Croods and was delighted by its imaginative story of a Neanderthal family having to move to safety.

 In comparison, Frozen’s fairytale style led to a less than surprising outcome. So what made it Oscar worthy? Here are some possibilities.

‘Frozen’ cast poster. Courtesy/

First, the art: the creative use of the concept of things slowly freezing around you, the blue and purple palette of all things frozen, and the architecture of ice structures and snowflakes, was gorgeous, though I was a bit chilled watching all that. Imagine how all of that freezing had to be drawn to be so impressive on screen!

Secondly, the plot of two sister princesses being such good buddies and the older one having a love for the younger that caused her to protect the younger by isolating herself. Someone I know had commented somewhere that they liked how the sisterly bond was more important to the story than either of the love interests–a prince and a guy who delivers ice.

Given how much I have not liked the persistent presence of evil in many Disney films, I did note that evil was less of a force in this story. A few characters turn out to be despicable, but they aren’t dark and scary ones, fortunately. Love conquers all, as we well know, and blood is thicker than water. These are just two of the “takeaways” for the young viewer.

In addition, it was a visual treat of a film, an animation triumph. But I still liked The Croods better, and those characters stayed with me longer than these will, despite the great musical numbers they get to sing in Frozen.

You and your children will enjoy this film. But I imagine, if you have kids, you have seen it already.