Christmas Miracle Sought For Lorelei Hayward, 3

Lorelei Hayward and her mom Bethany. Courtesy photo


Boomerang Consignment and Resale in Los Alamos declares that from today until Christmas Day they will match all donations up to $500 to help 3-year-old Lorelei Hayward hopefully have a Christmas Miracle.

Lorelei was born with Scoliosis and has had nine special casts to help correct the curvature of her spine – which is crushing her lung and heart. The casts have stopped working so she went in for surgery Dec. 2 to receive a new technology called “Magec Rods” that are surgically inserted alongside her spine to help keep it from curving more.

Lorelei Hayward needs multiple surgery to address the curvature of her spine. Courtesy photo

“Lorelei’s mom needs our help to pay expenses and pay her insurance premium to keep the coverage so desperately needed!” Boomerang owner Anna Dillane said. 

Lorelei will be hospitalized for up to 10 days after the surgery and her mother will be out of work taking care of her through at least December. Lorelei will need multiple follow-up visits each week to the doctor over the next three weeks to check the rods in her back and additional surgery every three to six months after that to move the rods as she grows.

“Imagine what Lorelei’s life could look like if we came together as a community to help mom not have to worry about money during the coming years?” Dillane said. “I cannot imagine the what mom is going through, but I can help … and I can pray for a miracle for this little girl. That is why we are doing this.”

Visit Boomerang at 1247A Central Ave., between now and Christmas Day to contribute to help Lorelei and your money will be matched by Boomerang up to $500.

Image of Lorelei Hayward’s spine and what the rods look like that were implanted during surgery Wednesday. Courtesy photo

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